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"News it's not just paper anymore..."

Top 3 Entertainment Sites:  MTV Internet Movie Database Hollywood Online
Dia Center for the Arts has long been a showcase for extraordinary contemporary art.

Project Gutenberg is the world-famous effort to preserve the world's greatest literature in electronic form.

TV Guide Local Listings
David Letterman's Top Ten List
Discovery Online
TV Guide Magazine
PEOPLE daily
The GIST (TV listings)
Entertainment Weekly Magazine
MTV News
Song of the Day
Billboard Daily Music Update
The New York Times Crossword
Yahoo! Entertainment News
CNN Showbiz News
USA Today Lifeline

Soul and R&B
AMG Music Styles
P*Funk Review
The R&B Page
Blues & Soul
Chillin Online: Interactive Urban Relaxation

Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE houses a vast array of online text and image collections, including historical documents, classic literature, and great works of art.

CultureFinder scoop on classical music, opera, visual arts, dance, theater, and Broadway shows, with database listings.

Today in Movie History
CONK's Puzzle of the Day
Music News of the World
This Day in Music
Dr. Daniel's Movie Reviews
CNN Style
Ultimate TV
CNN Style News
Mr. Showbiz
Hotwire - Arts wire news
Daily Star Trek Test
Salon 1999
Utne Reader

Game Shows
Wheel of Fortune
Justin's Game Show Shrine
Win Ben Stein's Cyber Money
Ben's House
The Gong Show Fan Page
The Price Is Right
The Game Show Convention Center
Game Show Network

The Smithsonian Institution's site.

Swoon - Dating, Mating, Relating
NetRadio Music Industry News [R]
ABC NEWS Health and Living
CONK! Daily Headlines
NetRadio Country Music [R]
The Spot
The Positive Press's Light News
Mr. Media
NetRadio Daily Flap [R]
The Daily Vault - Classic Album Reviews
mostNEWYORK Daily Dish
Electronic Urban Report
The NandO Times Entertainment
The Yankee Report
ENTER's Daily Fix

Swing Dancing
The U.S. Swing Dance Server
Archives of Early Lindy Hop
SHAGatlanta's Dance Server
What Is Swing?
The BigBands Database
Any Swing Goes
Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang
Total Swing Online's Traveler's Guide to Swing

Classical Music
Classical Net
Classical Insites
Classical Is Cool!
Classical Music in Black and White
Baroque Music
Classical MIDI Files at Midiworld
Classical Music at the Mining Co.

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