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Seven Wonders of the Web
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ZD Inside the Site(Archive)
NetSurfer Digest
Cool Central Site of the Day
Blue Planet's Cool Site of the Day
Cool Pet Site of the Day
80s Site of the Day
Gamer's Cool Site of the Day
Xplore's Site of the Day
Gamer's Site of the Day
CyberMad's Mystery Site
Dr. Webster's Web Site of the Day
Internet Scout Project
Yahoo! Net Events
Project Cool Sighting
What's New Too
Wav Emporium
Movie Wavs
Hoppy's Site of the Day
Fred Langa's HotSpots
AdZe's Cosmic Site of the Night

Learning a Foreign Language
The Human-Languages Page
Foreign Languages for Travelers
A Web of Online Grammars
Language Links

Learning a Foreign Language
Vocabulary Training Exercises
International Language Development
Learning Chinese Online
Virtual Language Class: French
Learning a Foreign Language
Learn Spanish: A Free Online Tutorial

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